Emlak has been already well-known in the industrial market of paintwork materials for more than fifteen years, as a large enterprise producing a wide assortment of high-quality paintwork production complying with the European standards. The enterprise structure includes scientific and technical laboratories and industrial shops equipped with modern high-efficiency equipment. Highly skilled experts, having work experience in this field for over 15–20 years, work at our plant.

The range of the output paintwork material is wide and capable to interest both large enterprises, and separate persons with individual demands. There are two directions of our plant development — organic dilutable and water-dispersion paintwork materials. The wide scale of organic dilutable materials, capable to protect a surface against corrosion, is successfully used practically in all industries: for shipbuilding and ship repair, for bridge engineering and fabricated metals protection, for railway-carriage repair works and chemical fertilizer factories, for oil refining and gas industry enterprises, etc.

Manufacture of environment-friendly, water-dispersion paintwork materials is the enterprise’s ecological programme, it includes more than 50 various titles of materials. Water-dispersion paintwork materials have variety of conclusive advantages — the main one is their high ecological purity. They have various protective decorative and technological properties, which allows apply them in different industrial spheres. Besides, possibility of colour selection in the RAL system allows finding the necessary hue for the most exacting eye.

The experts of the plant are ready to give full technological support to their clients. This means consultations on all questions on surface preparation, selection of materials, colouring and drying methods, providing with certificates, instructions and other additional materials. The trade mark of Emlak plant is known among various enterprises of Russia and the CIS countries.




High quality of paint-and-lacquer materials and their competitive ability are the major directions of our activity.


Quality is the subject to improve for the entire team, at all levels, including the top management.

    Industrial testing of a new system for railway rolling stock, transit vehicles, agricultural machinery and metal constructions painting is successfully completed.

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